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Lighting By Veterans Black Friday

Christmas Light Installation with Lighting By Veterans

This Black Friday is going to be the Christmas Light Installation Door Buster Spectacular that you’ve been looking for.  Lighting By Veterans will be offering the first 5 callers a free installation.  If you are an existing lights customers you will only be required to pay the $40 removal fee or new light customers will only be required to pay for the materials.  This is the best deal that Lighting By Veterans have ever offered any client in the DFW Metroplex and it will go fast.

1.  Don’t take the chance of falling off of your roof this year just because your kids would like to see them and all of the neighbors are doing it.  Get a professional that is comfortable (insured) with heights to complete and remove your display.  

Instead of getting your decorations from the store and then figuring out what would look best here or there, have Lighting By Veterans custom fit your lights to your home.  With thousand foot spools, we can make sure you have the cleanest decorations on the block.  

Lighting By Veterans has been in business for the past 4 seasons and is fully insured in the State of Texas.  Our Veteran installers has passed our electrician course and we currently have 2 Master Electricians on staff to assist with any Griswald Project.  Our Thanksgiving pricing will be only $3.50 per foot for incandescent (classic lighting) and $4.50 per foot for LED lighting.  Get to the 2014 Finish Line in style with Lighting By Veterans.

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Lighting By Veterans is now Commercial

It’s almost that time again to start planning for our fourth and best quarter of the year.  Starting October 1st, Lighting By Veterans is officially in the 2014 Commercial Christmas Light Installation Season.  If you own or manage a commercial property and are looking for a Decorative Holiday Experience for your clients than give LBV a call at 469-269-2838 (AVET).  We may be the only company than can completely offer a customized solution to your Christmas Light Installation needs.  Let’s make a decision this year that will be a building block for years to come.

Many companies agree to sign the 3 year contract and lease the lights from their Christmas Light Installation Company.  Since we mainly custom design and fabricate the decorations to a specific location, there’s really no need to take them back.  Think about a business that spends over $15,000 a year on decorations and successfully completes their three year commitment.  Year four they’ve spend $45,000 and don’t have one light bulb or wreath to show for it.  Now is the time to get the Texas based company on your site and on your property in 2014.  You can reach us at

Now on our fourth year of business, it’s time to step the game up to another level.  This year Lighting By Veterans will continue their Holiday Generosity once again in a couple of different ways.  In 2014 we plan to hire over 60 Military Veterans to install your decorations which whom are usually found at job fairs around the Dallas area.  The second thing we will be doing is introducing Santa Claus back to the oldest children in a family, the parents.  With so many kids that do not believe in Santa, you can only point the finger at the parent who do not believe.  If a parent writes an email to Santa ( with a what their child would really like to have and why they believe in Santa than he can do his job.  We will be looking for local Churches, Hospitals and Businesses to assist us in reading these emails and showing the believing parents that the “Spirit of Christmas” is real.

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or call 469-269-2838 (AVET)  #LBVets


Prosper Realty / Prosper Real Estate

Prosper Realty is your local Prosper Real Estate Agents and we’re ready to help you “Make you next dream come true.”  – Ron Robey  With a lifetime of experience, three kids through the school systems and a wealth of knowledge of the town and it’s surrounding areas the founders are a sure fit.   Obviously there’s a difference between most people and yourself just like there’s a difference between us and other Realtor’s.  We specialize in Prosper Texas and are the hardest working Realtor’s in the town.

Are you currently thinking about what your life would be like if you had more room or living space to enjoy your family or yourself?  Would a swimming pool, extra garage, larger backyard or a game room and / or man cave would make like more enjoyable?  You home is in Prosper Texas or the immediate surrounding areas.  Now is the time to make an offer or a Prosper Texas home and have Prosper Realty make sure you get the MAXIMUM VALUE for your property in a timely fashion.

With your largest investment that you will make in your life it’s important to put your money in a thriving real estate  marketplace like Prosper.  They have the best schools that you could ever want your child to attend and the most beautiful homes that will always keep your property values and socioeconomic status above status quo.   Contact your local Professional Real Estate Agent at 972-674-9627 today and “Make your next dream come true”